Take This Thing.02

Website screen designs

Students select from a box of pre-approve oddities. Inventing a story explaining their object and its use or purpose. Beginning with an existing CSS and HTML skeleton, students a students build and code a three- or four-screen site presenting the story of their object.

Kelsey Gates : Spring 2012
Kelsey Gates : Clown Perfume
Russell Mank : Spring 2012
Russell Mank : Viktor
Kimberly Jones : Spring 2012
Kimberly Jones : Atlantis
Dillon Koehn : Spring 2012
Dillon Koehn : Rays Gum
Alex Castiglia : Spring 2012
Alex Castiglia : Arcade Nazi Zombies
Nancy Nystrom : Spring 2012
Nancy Nystrom : Mmmm Edible Cupcake Liners