Responsive Concepts.02

Multi-format Composition

Introducing the process of designing for an interactive multi-format display. Students begin by compiling a collection of images they interpret to represent space, dimension, time and point of view. The collected images are then remixed and paired with text for a navigation menu and body paragraph. Designs are created with consideration for display in a large format desktop monitor and in a tablet. The final result is a keynot presentation displaying the finished design in both formats.

Nancy Nystrom : Space
Nancy Nystrom : Dimension
Nancy Nystrom : Time
Nancy Nystrom : Point of View
Russell Mank : SPRING 2012
Russell Mank : Space
Russell Mank : Dimension
Russell Mank : Time
Russell Mank : Point of View
stephanie chamberlain : SPRING 2012
Stephanie Chamberlain : Space
Stephanie Chamberlain : Dimension
Stephanie Chamberlain : Time
Stephanie Chamberlain : Point of View
Jen downes : SPRING 2012
Jen Downes : Space
Jen Downes : Dimension
Jen Downes : Time
Jen Downes : Point of View