designer educator

Born and raised on the east coast of Iowa, I now reside on the west coast of Florida. I’m a print and web designer and design educator with html and css tendencies.

I have worked at a commercial printer, an advertising agency and a design studio. An Iowa State Cyclone, I worked at a hot little botique studio in Des Moines for 5 years, cutting my teeth on start-to-finish projects from posters and logos to magazines and annual reports, winning design awards and getting a few projects into some international design publications, before quitting a perfectly good job and heading graduate school in Tucson, Arizona.

Today, the primary focus of my creative energy is my gig as a full time member of the faculty at Ringling College of Art and Design. It’s a great place to learn and a great place to teach. But I can be persuaded to take on outside projects if the conditions are right.

On weekends there’s a chance you may find me in the “designated athletic area” of Siesta Key Beach, trying to pummel a volleyball into the earth, or at 17th street park hitting a softball over a fence.