Logos and Marks.01

a selection of brand IDENTITIES

A collection of logos and logotypes I've developed over the years. A few never made it to the production stage for one reason or another, but I stand by each logo presented here and each central concept.

theraputic massage logo // Unused
SRQ Riders & Crew : Cycling Team
Swagger Mambas : Youth Basketball Team
Nyoka Skincare
Beauxnero : Jewelry Design Studio
West of The Trail
Dual Fuel Technology Partners
Newworks Menu Design // Unused
Maui Fresh : Hawaii-based Produce Distributor
McCall Engineeering : Structural Engineers
Script del Soul : Affermational T-shirts
Red Ox : Concrete Furniture Design
Sign Zoo
Naturalization Assistance Service // Unused
Pop's Track Club
Burns Square : Street Banner Logo
My Personal Ex Libris
Sarasota Rowing Regatta