Fairy Tale / Fable.02

Book Covers

Fairy tales and fables last the test of time because they reveal to us something about the nature of ourselves. Each genteration these familiar stories are re-told and reinterpreted. The challenge to the designer is to find his or her own personal interpretation of these worn, familiar stories and visually invite the reader to view the story from a fresh perspective. Shown her are some of the more succesful reinterpretations by my students.

Gabriella Thompson : Fall 2011
Gabriella Thompson : Jack & The Beanstalk
Geni Silva : Fall 2011
Geni Silva : Pandora's Box
Mariana Silva : Fall 2011
Mariana Silva : Vasilisa the Beautiful
Jessica Marinello : Fall 2011
Jessica Marinello : The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Meg Linen : Fall 2011
Meg Linen : The Little Mermaid
Yuan Chen Cheng : Fall 2011
Yuan Chen Cheng : The Golden Fish
Anna Jones : Fall 2011
Anna Jones : Puss in Boots
Stacy Bloodworth : Fall 2011
Stacy Bloodworth : Sing a Song of Sixpence
Dan Loureiro : Fall 2011
Dan Louriero : The Selfish Giant